Affordable Property Investment in Pakistan

In recent years, the market value of real estate assets has increased remarkably. This increase in recent years was due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since people lost their jobs in small cities or towns, they turned to the big cities in search of work. Another reason for the increase in real estate plots prices is the increase in demand. With more and more people moving to the big cities, the market value of houses has increased dramatically.

Homeowners in Pakistan usually belong to the upper-middle class, upper class, or the elite class, leaving only a limited supply of rundown homes or homes that are in bad condition. The reason why the upper-income classes are the only part of the population to be able to afford houses is the cost of building a house. Building materials and residential plot prices increase with each year and with new construction material and technology being available on the market, only the wealthy can afford to own a house.

Affordable investment opportunity

The solution to this issue was then given by the Prime Minister himself.  He launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme that allowed lower-income families to be able to afford their own homes. The Housing Scheme project aims to provide more than 50 lacs homes to the less fortunate of society.

Kingdom Valley is one of the projects currently being developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and is offering an easy installment plan so that even the lower and lower-middle-class families in Pakistan can have their own homes. This housing society is the only one currently being developed that is offering 3 Marla residential plots in just 600,000/- PKR. Those families who cannot afford this amount on the spot can pay a 10% down payment and just 9000/- PKR per monthly installment. This real estate project was an instant hit among the lower-income classes and within its launch, almost all of these plots were immediately booked.

This housing society is also located in a less urbanized location in Islamabad. Although the 3 marlas and the 3.5 marlas residential plots will be in a different block, there will be no discrimination in terms of providing the facilities. The developers of this real estate project have promised that all the residents of this society will enjoy equal amenities and facilities. The entire society will have 24-hour security systems and patrolling cycle, 24-hour electricity facility as well as the availability of water and sui gas all the time, etc.

Kingdom Valley aims to provide a life of comfort even to those who cannot afford it. In this regard, all entertainment centers, recreational parks, shopping malls, and high-end restaurants will also be accessible to the people living in the smaller homes in this society. This will give them a chance to experience the many joys of life that they once overlooked due to being burdened with the worries of being able to afford a home.

This housing society has set a goal to provide investment opportunities in real estate to as many lower-income families as possible. The 3 marlas and 3.5 marlas plots are only available to those with a low income so there is no chance of investors buying the plots for cheaper and then selling them for a high-profit return.

With the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, the government hopes to reduce some of the stress that lower-income families go through when it comes to affording a place to live.  even though material costs and construction labor costs cannot be reduced, the availability of residential plots available for just 600,000 gives some relief to these families.

Another reason why this is a better option than renting out is that the market value of these residential plots will increase over time and homeowners can sell them for a high-profit return or even rent them out to secure a stable source of income.