Best Housing Societies for living in Islamabad

Let us explore the best housing societies for you in Islamabad. Firstly, you ought to know that real estate in Pakistan has redefined the lifestyle of people. Residential societies and beautiful communities with many housing plots have transformed the power and outlook for property in Pakistan.

Every residential society is more dedicated to fulfilling their own lavish demands, which include a good quality lifestyle as well as a few fantastic facilities that are opulent, and fancy.

Why should you choose a Housing Society?

A housing society guarantees spectacular design, exceptional engineering, and a healthy environment to raise a family. There are many benefits that these housing schemes provide to make the renter more comfortable and at ease.

The purpose of residential societies nowadays is to provide low-cost living to families and individuals in need of affordable yet luxury living environments.

Because efficient energy management is a concern, these modern public housing projects frequently integrate sustainable and environmental design and components.

Best Housing Societies in Islamabad

The housing societies that are proving to be the best for living in the Federal Capital are,

  • Capital Smart City
  • Blue World City
  • Park View City
  • Eighteen Islamabad

Capital Smart City

Firstly, we have the Capital Smart City that is on its way to becoming the first-ever smart city in the country. Capital Smart City is a project of Future Development Holdings Private Limited (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL). HRL Development work has high market liquidity because it belongs to a reputable developer.

It is in perfect proximity to the capital region, lying between the Twin Cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This RDA-approved housing society has received its NOC 7506 and is the preferred choice of real estate investors and end-users. Furthermore, it is one of Pakistan’s best-known housing systems, supporting grade 8 developments. Its purpose is to meet the residents’ future goals.

Here you will be able to find a convenient and luxurious setting that will promote your lifestyle. This housing society has unique characteristics such as a Crystal Lake, an 18-hole golf course, a financial square, a stadium, theme parks, smart villas, and smart homes, among other things.

Capital Smart City had a grand inauguration on October 6, 2019, and it has remained the center of interest in Islamabad’s property sector ever then.

Blue World City

Secondly, we must discuss the RDA-approved Blue World City. It is rivaling the Capital Smart City because the lodging society aims to provide unique features too, like the Replica of Blue Mosque, water theme park, Blue Hills Country Farms, Duplex Villas, and a lot more.

The Blue Group of Companies has initiated this project, to provide a low-cost luxury living. In addition, Blue World City has the Chinese supporting it. In time, the friendship between China and Pakistan has grown significantly. The Blue World City will prove to strengthen this friendship.

The current architecture of Chinese cities will have an impact on society’s master plan and architectural design.

Blue World is located near the CPEC Route. Consequently, because of the CPEC Project, a huge number of Chinese laborers would be able to relocate to Pakistan in the coming years.

A section of the housing project is dedicated to Chinese inhabitants. It will receive more than 10,000 Chinese workers. As a result, not only will this project bring Pakistanis and Chinese closer together, but it will also help to improve the two countries economic and social conditions.

Furthermore, no other residential project provides such a relaxing environment as Blue World City offers since it provides all of the amenities that inhabitants require to live a meaningful and comfortable life.

Park View City

Park View City is everyone’s favorite option. It is a project of Vision Group, which has a proven track record of constructing and managing prestigious real-estate developments in Pakistan. As a result, Park View City investments guarantee a pleasant lifestyle and high returns on investment.

The society offers a diverse selection of residential plots, villas, and apartments. Park View City is at a fantastic location in Islamabad, close to the Srinagar Highway. Moreover, it is surrounded by the stunning Bani Gala Hills, providing a relaxing view of natural beauty. In addition, the residential society provides all of the necessary features and conveniences for your daily life.

The lodging society has received a NOC from the CDA and is quickly becoming one of the Federal Capital’s most highly prized societies. Because of the fast rate of development, the project appears to be attracting greater interest from the market. Blocks A and B have already been built and are available for purchase.

Eighteen Islamabad

Finally, let us talk about the most lavish ones of them all. Eighteen Islamabad is the initiative of a group of respectable and trustworthy Egyptian and Pakistani businesspeople. Following their successful relationship in the telecommunications industry, Mobilink, Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan builders started this housing project.

Ora Developers has a solid reputation for completing well-known international projects. The Saif Group has a distinct personality, having been founded in the 1960s and amassing an impressive portfolio since then. Builders from Kohistan have proven their worth and are well-known throughout the country. All of these companies give a real estate investor confidence that his future is in the hands of experienced and trustworthy developers.

Because Eighteen Islamabad is a high-end housing project, the prices charged are greater than in the surrounding communities. Yet, the returns you will get here are incomparable with anything else.

Return on investment in the real estate business is heavily influenced by the developer’s financial health and reputation, which you can learn about at Eighteen Islamabad.


Now you know about the best housing societies for living in Islamabad. We sincerely hope that this article helped you make your investment decision. Before taking any step, make sure that your finances are in order and that you have the necessary documents for booking.