Commercial Properties in Islamabad

Are you drawn to the idea of a commercial property in Islamabad? Well, let us dive right into it. In addition to providing a higher yearly rate of return, the value of a commercial plot for sale in Islamabad or a building increases over time if they are well-maintained and cared for.

And let us also consider the fact that the property in the Federal Capital holds great value. There have been various alterations recently, leading to the further rise in the value of properties in Islamabad. The tranquilly of this city attracts investors from all across the country, adding value to the Islamabad real estate market.

With such high demand for properties from buyers and tenants, as well as the increasing nature of real estate in Islamabad, things might get a little hazy and confusing for investors. Therefore, we have evaluated the real estate market and provided you with the information you need to know.

Commercial Opportunities

Many amazing real estate projects have sprung up in recent years, offering excellent profits and safe and secure investments. These investment projects have brilliant architecture and excellent settings, making them the perfect choice for investors. The commercial properties in Islamabad that are aiming for excellence are the following,

  • The Aquatic Mall
  • The Space Mall
  • Mall of Islamabad
  • Golf Floras
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Imarat Builders Mall

The Aquatic Mall

The first one on our list is the most exciting of them all. It is the Aquatic Mall, which is going to be a shopping mall with an aquatic theme. It will be the world’s tallest cylindrical aquarium, complimented by a vibrant showcase of marine creatures. It shall have a location at the center of the twin cities.

The wonderful mall will contain over 300 retail establishments, as well as the famed national and international fashion brands. It also gives you the chance to avail world-class amenities that range from fine dining in a marine-themed restaurant, contemporary business centers, skywalk and underwater tunnels.

Surely, you cannot miss out on investing in a first-ever marine-themed mall. Investments begin with a 25% down payment and have a high return on investment.

The Space Mall

The Space Mall is an exclusive space-themed mall that encourages you to explore the world of luxury and adventure. It provides top-notch amenities such as a shopping arcade, a zero gravity area, and a golf simulator.

The Space Mall is in the Bahria Intellectual Village. It is near the Shaheen Chowk, in the Phase 7 of Bahria Town, Islamabad. The mall shall provide you and your friends and family with an amazing experience. The investment begins with a 25% down payment and a high return on investment. So, you can invest right away.

Mall of Islamabad

The Mall of Islamabad is a true treasure, offering a shopping experience unlike any other. In Pakistan, bazaars and local marketplaces are preferred shopping destinations. The trend, on the other hand, is rapidly changing.

Citizens will have access to leading brands, food courts, and entertainment units all in one area at the Mall of Islamabad, which has been smartly designed. The project entails the construction of a mixed-use structure that complies with international requirements.

The Mall of Islamabad shall enjoy a location on Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area. The Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad Stock Exchange, and the Saudi Pak Tower are all close to it. Furthermore, the project offers breathtaking view of the Margalla Hills. It is another great commercial investment opportunity in Islamabad, so ensure that you think about it.

Golf Floras

The fourth on our list is the gated community called Golf Floras. Golf Floras is the most attractive Resort Living Community in the Twin Cities. This is a harmonious combination of more than 600 lavish condominiums, best-in-class amenities, and lush landscaping with breathtaking vistas of the mountains.

It is in the heart of Islamabad’s Bahria Town (Garden City). Moreover, it is Islamabad’s largest luxury residential development. It is also one of the top 20 luxury resorts in the world, with a location on a golf course in Bahria Garden City.

Golf Floras provides 24-hour security and maintenance, as well as retail, recreational, educational, and health amenities, making it the ideal spot for residents to pursue their aspirations and live a vibrant lifestyle.

Mall of Arabia

Now, let us discuss one of the most profitable commercial real estate ventures in the Twin Cities, Mall of Arabia. The Mall represents Pakistan’s friendly bond with the Arab world. Furthermore, the Arabian architecture of the Mall of Arabia highlights our Islamic history. It is a tribute to our shared history, traditions, Islamic art, and architectural majesty.

The mall lies on the Islamabad Expressway. It is centrally placed between DHA and Bahria Town, with access from Koral Chowk, T-Chowk, and PWD. The Mall of Arabia spans over 15 Kanal of valuable real estate in one of Islamabad’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Imarat Builders Mall

Imarat Builders Mall is another example of cutting-edge design and architecture. The Mall will allow people to get in touch with reliable builders. Builders Mall is meant to provide multiple brands with suitable retail space in which to display a variety of items.

In addition, Builders Mall supplies specialist equipment that fulfils the specific needs of a wide range of audiences, including construction companies, project developers, interior designers, and the general public. You will find interior and exterior decor materials, exotic marble tiles, flooring, and wall patterns there.

It has a great location in the center of the Federal Capital. The pricing starts at PKR 17 Lac and provides a safe and secure investment.


Now you know all about the wonderful commercial properties in Islamabad. People are becoming more knowledgeable about commercial real estate as a result of the high return on investment and security aspects. Thus, you should no longer regard the property as a need, but rather as a means of achieving long-term financial independence.