How to Buy a Plot in Pakistan?

Are you looking for a reliable investment? If so, we are here to help you understand how you can buy a plot in Pakistan. Through a plot, you can generate a high return on your investment and secure your future. Moreover, if you want to secure your savings, purchasing a plot of land or a piece of property, whether residential or commercial, will be best for you.

A property can be purchased in a variety of ways. You can buy it from a private owner or a housing corporation. The process of purchasing and owning a plot is nearly identical in all of Pakistan’s provinces. Buying a plot is a relatively hands-off transaction, but getting the profits requires a lot of analysis and money-making strategies throughout the entire process.

How to Buy a Property in Pakistan?

Buying a plot in Pakistan can help you build personal wealth. The property sector in Pakistan has a lot of potential for growth.

In addition, conditions have improved in Pakistani real estate over the recent decade. The fabled ‘winds of change’ were brought in by increasingly favorable government regulations, combined with buyers’ tendency to regard the sector as a lucrative path for secure investments.

Let us dive into the steps to take that shall prevent you as the buyer or investor from fraud and scams.


The location is one of the first things you need to consider before buying a property. It should be in your interest, somewhere close to commercial districts yet at not such a noisy area. You need to evaluate the location from all aspects. It should be convenient for you to get to work from there or drop your kids to school.

Furthermore, tariffs differ from one region to the next. For example, a 5 Marla plot in DHA Valley’s Bogenvelia Sector will cost you PKR 85 lakh, but a similar 5 Marla plot in DHA Karachi will cost you PKR 50 lakh. So, first and foremost, determine where you want to spend your money.

Understand the Master Plan

Master planning contains the framework, as well as the definition of every minute detail. Architects usually collaborate with their team to define the project’s design scope. The team considers all aspects of the project, including the budget, structural needs, shapes, views, and other design choices, during the process.

After you have seen the region and are convinced that it will be profitable in the future, it is time to learn about the master plan. Examine the area’s planning as well as the project’s features. The master plan should be exciting enough for you to consider investing in the region.

Inspect the Developer

If the sponsor is a trustworthy individual or company, there is a chance the developer will be as well. Nonetheless, it is critical to learn more about the developer. If the developer is credible and has completed other projects, you can inspect the building standards. If the conditions are appropriate, consider buying a plot.

Check the Market Rates

A buyer’s market rate is the price they pay for a property. It is the ultimate price determined once the buyer and seller have reached an agreement. Property prices can differ from one project to the next depending on the specific society plan. So, if you choose a plot in a completed project, this might be a good option. You should inquire about current market rates.

Make contact with a few real estate agents in our firm. You may get market rates for similar or identical plots from a variety of sources. Please keep in mind that there is always the possibility of lowering the asking price by 10% to 15%. As a result, make an effort to reach an agreement.

When the market is devoid of active buyers, the margin for pricing negotiation expands. Before making a final offer, think about these issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pay Commission to the Real Estate Agent

A customer has no right to pay anything to an agent except his fee. In most cases, real estate agents charge 1% of the home’s value. A real estate agent is entitled to a 1% fee from all parties in a transaction involving only one person. However, some agents operate on a 2% commission, while others work on a 1% commission. Real estate agents usually determine the amount of commission.

The profit margin of the agent is mostly determined by the buyer’s ability to negotiate. The commission rate should be determined ahead of time.

Obtain a Copy of the Purchase Agreement

At the time of the sale, request a copy of the purchase agreement. Even if you do not need it, keeping a record of each document is fine. Along with plot information, the selling agreement will show the amount you paid for the plot and will include the check number/pay order number or cash amount (if applicable).

Submit an NDC Application

The NDC serves as documentation that the property seller has not missed any payments or taxes. The initial step in the property transfer process is the issuance of these certificates.

The buyer and the seller must go to the society’s office to receive this certificate. The transfer officer receives the seller’s allotment letter. The seller must fill out a document to make an official request for NDC issuance. The following items must be included with the form:

  • A photocopy of the allotment letter that has been attested
  • The copy of the buyer’s CNIC
  • Copies of the seller’s CNIC

Receive the Allotment Letter

Housing associations usually issue the allotment letter in seven working days. By making more payments, the buyer can obtain it sooner. The additional fees differ from one developer to the next.

Keep your allotment letter safe once you have received it. The procedure of re-issuing missing documents is slow, and you do not want to go through it.


Now you know how to buy a plot in Pakistan. We strongly advise that before you put your money on the line, you should always pay a visit to the place. Investors should buy land while the price is low. And once you invest, you shall see how beneficial real estate is.