List of CDA Sectors for Investment in Islamabad 2022

Are you interested in investing in CDA Sectors? Well, look no further because we are here to guide you.

When it comes to town planning and development, the CDA enjoys a considerably better reputation in Islamabad than other municipal development authorities around the world. Islamabad is divided into five zones, with zones 1 and 2 consisting of 22 km sectors divided alphabetically vertically and numerically horizontally.

Why Do People Prefer CDA?

While Islamabad’s boundaries are growing into zones 2 and 5, and many private developers are establishing housing schemes throughout the city, the general public and investors continue to prefer CDA.

This is because CDA creates housing projects or sectors in central Islamabad, where the majority of the citizens wish to live. Many people are reluctant to put their trust in private developers because of the threats they pose, but CDA represents the government, which is trustworthy. Moreover, CDA offers a limited number of plots at affordable costs compared to the private companies, attracting a large number of potential applications and driving up prices faster due to the greater demand.

CDA Sectors for Investment in Islamabad 2022

We have put together a list of non-developed CDA sectors that you better invest in in the future years.

  • C-15 Sector
  • C-16 Sector
  • E-12 Sector
  • G-14 Sector
  • I-11 Sector
  • I-12 Sector
  • I-14 Sector

C-15 Sector and C-16 Sector

CDA has recently approved Sector C-15 and Sector C-16, which are both still going through land acquisitions. The CDA proposed a land-sharing strategy in certain sectors, under which landowners will get one Kanal of constructed land for every four Kanal of undeveloped property.

These locations are accessible via Margalla Avenue and are close to Moaza Kharbooza. According to the proposal, Margalla Avenue extends from sector D-12 to G-T road, connecting recently announced sectors and giving the quickest route to housing projects on the other side of G-T road, such as B-17 and D-17.

In these areas, the master plan maps show a few smaller plots, usually one Kanal residential plot. The site is outstanding and worth consideration for investment or habitation after the planned access routes are finished and development in these sectors is accomplished.

E-12 Sector

Nearly 20 years ago, CDA established Sector E-12, which is placed adjacent to the most desirable housing sector E-11. It is situated next to the Golra Sharif shrine and is surrounded by illegal buildings and encroachments. Apart from the attractive location, this sector has shown no evidence of expansion in the last two decades.

The price of a plot in this sector can range from 30 lakhs to 2 crores, depending on the size, location, and type. The region around E-11 is quite expensive, although the location is not. There is little doubt that as the sector grows, rates will increase. Nonetheless, in a few years, CDA will take custody of the whole sector’s land and initiate development.

G-14 Sector

Sector G-14 was established in 2004 by the FGEHF, a government body dedicated to building housing complexes for federal government employees in Islamabad. The sub-sector G-14/4 has been created, while the following three sub-sectors are still in the process of being established. The FGEHF has been unable to accelerate the property acquisition process in G-14/2 and G-14/1, where the majority of the local population has settled.

G-14’s location is ideal and it is on the main Srinagar Highway, where prices in the adjoining G-13 sector are twice the rate in G-14’s undeveloped sub-sectors.

I-11 Sector

The FGEHF has established yet another sector, the Sector G-14 in 2004. The G-14/4 sub-sector has been formed, whereas the following three sub-sectors are still under construction. In G-14/2 and G-14/1, the local population has settled. Therefore, the FGEHF has been unable to speed up the property acquisition procedure.

The location of G-14 is great, as it is on the main Srinagar Highway. Furthermore, the prices in the adjacent G-13 sector are about twice as high as in G-14’s underdeveloped sub-sectors. If you want to live close to Islamabad on a budget, a residential plot in I-11/2 is a good option. Few residences have lately been constructed in this region, and it is possible that Afghan Basti may be demolished in a few years, making this place a future profit.

I-12 Sector

This sector has been waiting for development for several years as well, but no work has yet commenced. PC-1 has been approved by the CDA for development work in I-12, and further plots have been added to the area.

5 Marla plots often cost between 25 to 35 lac, while 8 Marla plots cost between 38 and 50 lac. Rates vary slightly depending on the location and type.

I-12 is in a fantastic location, and the region surrounding NUST Road — which connects I-11 and NUST University – is quite expensive and in high demand. A layout plan has been created, and a development tender is expected to be released soon. Once development work begins on I-12, prices might more than double. Therefore, this is one of the finest CDA Sectors for high-yielding investments.

I-14 Sector

Sector I-14 is a developing neighborhood with a small number of homes. The sector is on the opposite side of G-T Lane, which is linked with Rawalpindi rather than Islamabad.

You will see that the development standards are inadequate in this sector. Roads are broken, some streets are narrow, street numbers are gone, and there are huge ravines all over. Despite the drawbacks, once the necessary building work in this sector is completed, this location will provide a considerable return to investors.

CDA usually waits until a sufficient number of houses have been completed before focusing on finishing touches so that this area can be developed suitably in a few years as the population grows.


There were the CDA Sectors for investment in Islamabad 2022. Now you can make an informed decision. If you invest in any of them, you are likely to receive great profits by 2025 or sooner because the CDA is capable of wonders.