List of CDA Sectors

The CDA has set aside land for the operation of these cooperative housing societies since the civic body lacks the means to administer these areas on its own.

By permitting several federal agencies to establish cooperative housing societies in certain areas, the CDA assists employees in purchasing land at a discounted rate. The CDA will take over the administrative function once these societies are close to 70% filled.

While Islamabad’s limits are growing into zones 2 and 5, and many private developers are establishing housing projects around the city, the general public and investors continue to favor CDA for a variety of reasons.

Developed CDA Sectors

  • G-15
  • G-16
  • B-17


Also known as the Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society. It’s on Kashmir High, near the GT Road Interchange on the Islamabad Motorway Link Road, which runs through Peshawar Road and GT Road. It is close to the new airport facilities and the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1.


G-16 is a desirable location to reside. The distance from here to the airport is considerably shorter, which is one of the main reasons why it draws buyers.


Along the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1, it is located on the eastern outskirts of the Islamabad Capital Territory.

Undeveloped CDA Sectors

  • C-15 Sector
  • C-16 Sector
  • E-12 Sector
  • G-14 Sector
  • I-11 Sector
  • I-12 Sector
  • I-14 Sector
  • I-15 Sector
  • I-16 Sector

C-15 and C-16

Sector C-15 and Sector C-16, both of which are currently undergoing land acquisition, were recently released by CDA. The CDA proposed a land-sharing strategy in certain sectors, under which landowners will get one kanal of built land for every four kanals of undeveloped property.

In these areas, the master plan maps show a few smaller plots, usually one Kanal residential plot. The site is outstanding and worth consideration for investment or habitation after the planned access roads are finished and development in these sectors is accomplished.

E-12 Sector

Sector E-12, located next to the most beautiful residential sector E-11, was introduced by CDA.

The price of a plot in this area can range from 30 lakhs to 2 crores, depending on the size, location, and category. The region around E-11 is rather expensive, although the location is not.

G-14 Sector

Sector G-14 was started by a government entity responsible for building housing complexes for federal government employees in Islamabad. The sub-sector G-14/4 has been completed, while the following three sub-sectors are still in the process of being constructed.

I-11 Sector

Sector I-11 is part of Zone 1 and is located in Main Islamabad, near the Metro shop and the Fruit Market. In I-11/4, this section has residential plots and PHA units.


I-12 Sector

Nust University is located behind Sector I-12. This section has been waiting for development for some years as well. PC-1 has been granted by the CDA for development work in I-12, and further plots have been added to this area, with affected residents from sectors I-14 and E-12 being relocated.

I-14 Sector

Sector I-14 is located near Golra Morr. This is a developing neighborhood with a modest number of homes already built. Sector I-14 lies on the other side of G-T Lane, which is linked with Rawalpindi rather than Islamabad. Riphah University and the Hajj Complex, as well as various housing amenities, are located in this region.

I-15 Sector

Sector I-15 is still underdeveloped, however the CDA’s sector list will be finalized soon. When I-15 originally opened, CDA offered plots and apartments, but owing to escalating building costs, the flat model was scrapped, and new properties were created.

I-16 Sector

The final residential sector in Islamabad’s I series is Sector I-16. It has been annexed to section I-15, and I-14 and I-16 share a link lane. Sector I-16 is a growing neighborhood with only a few dwellings. Although I-16 has significantly higher development regulations than I-14, it is positioned far from the roadway.