List of Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority, or CDA, has closed up to ten illegal housing societies’ site offices in Islamabad as of October 2020. Furthermore, the revisions to the ICT Zoning Regulations of 1992 have put a stop to the development and building functions of these illegal housing societies.

The CDA has full powers to limit the development of housing societies. Moreover, the CDA uses an integrative framework to supervise housing societies, which includes reviewing the Layout Plan (LOP), issuing NOCs, and inspecting the quality of work on a regular basis, among other things. CDA has the authority to take possession of a society if the sponsor fails to make it before the deadline.

Why are there so Many Illegal Housing Societies?

As per a government study, the CDA has failed to introduce any new residential sector in the last two decades (GOP, 2019). To meet expanding residential requirements in Islamabad, the private sector was promoted to enter the industry.

The construction of private housing societies in ICT Zones-2, 4, and 5 are governed by a strict regulatory framework. For the registration of a society, a sponsor must complete 19 major processes including several steps along the way, which are almost 29. The average time it takes CDA to approve a NOC is two and a half years.

Furthermore, it takes approximately 12 years to complete development work after receiving a NOC, although it can take up to two decades in most circumstances. As a result, sponsors are discouraged from getting approval because of the lengthy and inconvenient procedures.

Warning from CDA for the General Public

The CDA has issued a notice cautioning/warning the general public to refrain from booking/purchasing plots in these or any other unauthorized and illegal housing scheme and to contact the Authority at Tel. 051-9252494 for Zone-2, 5 & E-11 and the Office of Director Regional Planning, CDA for Zone-3 & 4 at 051-9252605 for Zone-3 & 4 before making any transactions about the legal status of the schemes. The officials stated that marketing/advertising of housing projects without a NOC from the CDA is illegal and unauthorized. Advertisers and marketing firms have also been prohibited from deceptively advertising or marketing illegal housing plans. The sponsors have been told not to sell or build housing developments without first receiving approval from the CDA.

The illegal housing societies are as follows,

  • Ghouri Town
  • National Police Foundation
  • Pakistan Town
  • Muslim Town (Islamabad Zone 4)
  • Arcadia City Housing Scheme
  • Sector H-17 (Islamabad Zone 1)

Ghouri Town (All the Phases in Islamabad Zone 4 and 5)

Since CDA’s announcement of its illegality, this society has been in the forefront. This may come as a surprise given that this town is widely regarded as fully functional, with approximately 150,000 residents. However, a quick glance at the layout of this society reveals that the idea would never be approved by CDA.

All phases in Ghouri Town’s Zones 4 and 5 have been declared illegal due to the lack of recreational spaces such as parks and playgrounds, educational institutions, houses of worship, hospitals, graveyards, and amenity plots in the designs. The lack of appropriate land is a recurring topic in Islamabad’s illegal housing communities.

The Town’s developers have been given the notice to stop marketing and booking activities.

National Police Foundation

Secondly, we must discuss the National Police Foundation. The CDA canceled the society’s NOC and layout plan when it was discovered marketing more plots than it had land, thus the Foundation adds it to our list of illegal housing societies in Islamabad. This was done in 2011, at the same time that the National Accountability Bureau began looking into the illegal selling of these properties in the Police Foundation.

Since the rejection of the NOC, residents who want to build their residences in the community have been unable to do so.

Pakistan Town

Pakistan Town is another lodging society that has contributed to the growth of illegal housing societies in Islamabad. In 2018, the CDA’s Planning Wing discovered that numerous schemes in zones 2, 4, and 5 failed to meet the organization’s criteria because they had never filed for registration or the NOC. Phase 2 of Pakistan Town was one of these developments.

Muslim Town (Islamabad Zone 4)

In 2017, the CDA listed Muslim Town in Zone 4 as one of Islamabad’s unauthorized housing societies. There were a number of housing developments that did not seek NOC clearance or any other kind of development license from the Capital Development Authority.

Muslim Town, along with Doctors Enclave, Iqbal Town, and Burma Town, is part of the Zone 4 housing development. Before building and development, none of them had obtained approval from the CDA.

Arcadia City Housing Scheme (Islamabad Zone 3)

CDA has labeled the Arcadia City Housing Scheme as an unregistered residential community in 2014. It published a public notice asking investors to postpone booking plots in the housing project until building or development authorization was granted.

No residential projects should be erected in Zone 3 according to the ICT Zoning Regulation of 1992. Arcadia City Housing Scheme is not CDA approved because it is in direct violation of this.

This unlawful housing community has been served with yet another notice to suspend all advertising, booking, and sales activities.

Sector H-17 (Islamabad Zone 1)

CDA has identified various buildings, flats, projects, and other residential development in sector H-17 of the capital’s Zone-I as illegal. In addition, CDA has asked the responsible authorities to act immediately against them as soon as possible. There will be no sales or purchases of land that result in a change in land use.

Furthermore, they will not permit new residences or structures. Likewise, no private scheme of any type shall be permitted. It claimed that the buildings being built, and land being used in violation of CDA Ordinance 1960, ICT Zoning Regulations 1992, and Islamabad Building Control Regulations 2005, are illegally positioned on a 20-foot-wide Katcha Path originating from the Service Road of the Motorway Link Road.

The illegal entities include Abdullah Town, Zamar Valley, Ammar Villas, Pearl Orchard, Sher Zaman Garden, Tablighee Markaz, Sarhad University, Beacon House College, Talha Farms, and Shifa International Housing Society.


Now that you know about the illegal housing societies in Islamabad, you will be able to refrain from investing in them. The main thing to keep in mind is that you should conduct thorough research before making any investment decision.