Residential Plots of Capital Smart City – Details

Capital Smart City Islamabad Residential Plots has become one of the most prominent residential developments in Asia. Due to its modern building designs and wonderful residential plot features, this huge project is known as Pakistan’s Biggest Housing Scheme

The Capital Smart City Islamabad plan seeks to create a smart yet environmentally friendly project. Everyone from anywhere in the world can take advantage of this golden opportunity to invest and get lucrative returns from this excellent residential complex.

Residential Units

Residential plots are offered in several blocks of Capital Smart City Islamabad. The details of each block is discussed further down.

  Overseas Bloc

This section is solely made for the purpose of providing an exquisite lifestyle for people living abroad. Along with its superior features and convenient location, it is the most sought-after unit in Capital Smart City.

Overseas Residential Block is the most secure and major investment option for Pakistanis living abroad.

5 Marla 2415000
7 Marla 3151000
10 Marla 4140000
12 Marla 4577000
1 Kanal 6210000
2 Kanal 12190000

Harmony Park

Harmony Park is Capital Smart City’s newest and most sought-after. It provides cost-effective housing plots that are affordable to everyone. It is gaining popularity among investors with limited incomes. The plots are only available in the 3.5 Plot type.

Total Price DownPayment Monthly Installment Yearly Installment
1,789,000 178,900 17,038 102,229


Overseas Prime Block

On September 23, 2020, the Overseas Prime Block will be introduced. In comparison to the other blocks, this one is positioned on a higher ground. As a result, it offers a breathtaking image of the whole Capital Smart City. The waterfront structure is greatly enhanced with beautiful hillsides.

PLOT TYPE Plot Size Price DownPayment 10% Monthly Installment Yearly Installment
Residential Plot 7 Marla 3,230,000 323,000 30,760 184,583
Residential Plot 10 Marla 4,245,000 424,500 40,430 242,565
Residential Plot 12 Marla 4,695,000 469,500 44,715 268,280
Residential Plot 1 Kanal 6,365,000 636,500 60,620 363,708
Residential Plot 2 Kanal 12,500,000 1,250,000 119,050 714,274

General Block

General Block is one of Capital Smart City’s oldest blocks. It is also one of Capital Smart City’s biggest blocks.  Residential plots are relatively reasonable for individuals on a tight budget, and they will prove to be profitable.

Plot Size Booking 10% Confirmation 10% Installments x 12 Quarterly Total Price
5 Marla 241,500 241,500 160,000 2,415,000
7 Marla 315,100 315,100 210,000 3,151,000
10 Marla 414,000 414,000 276,000 4,140,000
12 Marla 457,700 457,700 305,000 4,577,000
1 Kanal 621,000 621,000 415,000 6,210,000
2 Kanal 1,219,000 1,219,000 815,000 12,190,000


Capital Smart City Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Payment Plan currently offers a three-year quarterly installment plan.

  • 10% refund on a single payment
  • 5% return on a 50% payment.
  • As a membership fee, Rs. 20,000 must be paid at the time of booking

Documents Required for Plot Reservation

  • Photocopy of national identification card
  • Copy of other family members’ ID cards
  • Passport-size picture
  • Payment amount, in the form of a check, cash, or pay order
  • If you are an abroad resident, you must provide a copy of your overseas national ID card.


Capital Smart City is reliable and trustworthy providing the highest standard of lifestyle and ensuring safe investment. It is Free of load shedding of gas, water, and electricity residential society. Installment plans for booking any plot/s is very convenient.

For further details, feel free to contact us!