Capital Smart City (CSC) is a rising residential development in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s first smart city and Asia’s fourth. Due to its innovative features, it is quickly becoming one of Pakistan’s most popular housing societies. It is on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 and is close to the New Islamabad International Airport.

Owners and Developers

Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq have teamed up to create Capital Smart City. Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) is a well-known name in Pakistan’s real estate market; they are the developers of Islamabad’s Bahria and DHA neighborhoods. Furthermore, they have also built their own residential societies in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal, entitled Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sargodha, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal, respectively.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

The FDHL is a registered group association under the Companies Ordinance of 1984. This company is made up of multiple regional and global commercial entities. China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL), two major organizations with competence in leadership and technical skills, have merged to form FDHL.

FDHL is a leading Pakistani real estate constructor and asset management firm that aids in the development of futuristic smart cities. It delivers a pleasant up-scale lifestyle and also financial contributions to its clientele.

In its residential and industrial zones, FDHL is committed to providing enhanced modern living experiences. These zones are connected by the important Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and locations near the CPEC Route, which have dedicated interchanges for easy access.

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited is a Pakistan-based construction and development firm that has worked on some of the world’s most prominent construction and engineering projects over the last five decades. Its success has been a direct outcome of its unwavering commitment to the demands and needs of its customers in Pakistan and worldwide. Its quality management system was also awarded ISO 9000 accreditation.

In the last 15 years, HRL has been at the forefront of altering the face of housing infrastructure and development, and is now one of the most respected and well-known names in the industry.

Any real estate development group linked with HRL considers themselves exceptionally blessed and lucky since the name Habib Rafiq is synonymous with integrity, trust, quality, and professionalism.

Over the years, the HRL group has been in charge of developing prestigious housing schemes in Pakistan, such as Bahria Town and DHA, with full responsibility for all infrastructure, including house construction, roads, mechanical and electrical work, flood control, gas pipelines, and planning services.

NOC and Planning Permission

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) accepted the NOC of Capital Smart City, which is one of the approved housing developments in the vicinity. However, due to the extra land purchased, the lodging society’s initial NOC is currently being changed. Therefore, the housing society is expecting its NOC for the updated plan for its extended blocks. It is anticipated that it will be given soon.

Capital Smart City

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Capital Smart City Master Plan

Norman Foster produced the master plan for the housing society. It is under the supervision of Surbana Jurong (SJ), a consultant firm.
Surbana Jurong (SJ) is a well-known Singapore-based consulting firm. Indeed, SJ is one of Asia’s major urban, engineering, and infrastructure consulting businesses, with over 16,000 personnel spread across over 120 offices, including architects, designers, planners, builders, and other specialists.
The company is committed to transforming cities into places where individuals and businesses can thrive by providing long-term job opportunities.
To create the master plan for Capital Smart City, they have used a consistent planning technique. The proposal provides a unique set of amenities to satisfy the housing society’s growing business, residential, and entertainment needs.
A large part of the Smart City’s master plan focuses on enhancing the housing society’s natural features. Moreover, the plan involves new infrastructure such as a public transportation system with carefully placed stations, Central Boulevard, and high-rise buildings, which are all integrated into the master plan.

CSC Districts

The following are the projected districts under this revolutionary housing society’s master plan:

    • Gate Precinct
    • Aviation District
    • Crystal Lake
    • Boulevard District
    • Financial Square
    • Healthcare District
    • Education District
    • Lake View Terrace
    • The Terraces
    • Capital Hills
    • Overseas Block 1
    • Overseas Block 2
    • Residence Vista
    • Hills View Heights
    • Cultural Heritage District

The goal behind this project is to create an innovative new location where people can live, work, and play while also attracting international investment.

Total Area of Capital Smart City

This smart city is 10 times larger than its neighboring society University Town, with a total land area of 55,000 Kanal. It will be one of the housing societies that is closest to the New Islamabad International Airport. Currently, the housing society’s master plan is preliminary, and it will be expanded through time. Other land will be added to the project, as well as numerous additional blocks in the future.

The concerned authorities submitted a request for land extension in August 2019. After the extension’s approval in June, the land area of Capital Smart City in 2020 will be equal to 80,000 Kanal. It will be the largest housing society in the immediate vicinity.

CSC Location

The Capital Smart City (CSC) is located near the New Islamabad International Airport in the Rawalpindi region of the Federal Capital.

In addition, the project is on the eastern path of CPEC, 9.2 kilometers from M-2 Toll Plaza near Thalian interchange. The new Islamabad airport is only 5 to 6 minutes away.

Al Mairaj Housing Scheme, Eighteen Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City are just a few of the nearby housing societies.

Closest Access Points

The housing scheme is easily accessible from the M-2 Motorway via Main Chakri Road and, in the near future, via the Ring Road. The national highway, the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway, connects the housing society to the neighboring districts. And it will have its own dedicated interchange from the highway, which has received FWO approval.

Overseas Block

Because of its superior facilities and ideal location, this block is built for Pakistanis living abroad; it is the most sought-after apartment in the Capital Smart City. For Pakistanis living abroad, the overseas block is a safe and profitable investment option. Furthermore, in comparison to the housing scheme’s other blocks, it is specifically built to fulfil the living standards of Pakistanis living abroad. Furthermore, it is conveniently accessible from the Motorway via a dedicated interchange.

Location of the Overseas Block

The block’s specific placement is on the right upper side of the major Boulevard; the two blocks’ overseas region will be readily accessible from the Motorway via the specified interchange.

Location of the Overseas Block

The Overseas Prime Block is divided into plot sizes of 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

Overseas Prime Block Payment Plan

The payment plan for this block is given below,

Why is Investing in Overseas Block a Secure and Rewarding Option?

CSC provides safe and profitable possibilities for Pakistanis living abroad to invest in their homeland. This housing society is extremely important to the CSC Project. It expresses thanks for all of the hard work and effort that overseas Pakistanis have contributed to our country.

Documents pertaining to bookings in Overseas Block are the following,

  • 2 photocopies of your CNIC
  • 3 passport-size photos
  • 1 photo of a passport
  • 1 photo of a visa card
  • 1 Resident Card Photocopy
  • 2 Photocopies of Your Next of Kin/Nominee ID Card
  • Plot Reservation Amount

Possession of Plots

By the initial half of 2020, the investors will receive possession of an Overseas site in district 1. To avoid any inconvenience, investors must stick to the payment schedule and pay the payments for the plots they have reserved.

Executive Block

To promote business activity, the smart society offers a variety of commercial plots in various sizes. It offers a cost-effective atmosphere with cutting-edge amenities. Only here can you find the flexibility that a business needs to thrive. Executive, overseas block commercial plots are available. A commercial area will be available in the Overseas Prime Block soon.

General Block

The general block of the housing scheme is the block that was first introduced when it was founded. It includes plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and 1 and 2 Kanal.

General Block Location

It is one of CSC’s oldest blocks, located next to Overseas Block. The smart society’s General Block is located directly across from the society’s Overseas Block, on CSC’s main boulevard. This may be seen in the housing society’s master plan, which is shown below:

General Block Payment Plan

The payment plan for the General Block is as follows,

Commercial Plots

The superb commercial plots are available in a wide range of sizes. It is opening up new possibilities for industrial activities in space. Moreover, it offers a cost-effective atmosphere with cutting-edge amenities. Only here can you find the flexibility you need to thrive.

It is the world’s first smart city, and it is altering the commercial landscape. Executive and international block commercial sites are available. Smaller commercial plots are available in the Harmony Park block, and commercial plots in the Overseas Prime Block will be announced soon.

Commercial Plot Categories

Commercial Plots are available in the following classifications at Capital Smart City:

  • 6 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Previously, developers only provided two types: 4 Marla and 8 Marla. The 6 Marla category was later introduced. The ones on Main Avenue will be marketed as high-rise buildings in the third stage. In addition, the industrial district is within 400 meters of residential houses. The Urban Township Model is used in the master plan, as previously stated.

Payment Schedule for a Commercial Plot

CSC Commercial District provides payment plans for plots ranging in size from 4 to 8 Marla, with prices ranging from 10 to 17 million on a three-year simple payments plan. Check out the complete payment schedule below:

Smart Villas

Smart Villas contains villas located in the Smart city villas are innovative residential choices for an urban lifestyle and are part of Capital smart city’s Avian-Grande project. It is only a few minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport.

Contemporary Villas

These villas are well-designed, with modern architectural elements and simple, modest lines. The homes have large glass doors and windows that allow residents to take in the beauty of the surroundings.

Mediterranean Villas

The architecture of Mediterranean villas is influenced by Spanish and Italian styles. These villas are the epitome of elegance and cutting-edge technology, making them ideal homes for today’s families. Mediterranean villas are known for their arched entrances, wooden pergolas, and terracotta roofs, to name a few.

Georgian Villas

The Georgian villas at CSC are symmetrical in design, with cutting-edge open-plan living and luxurious amenities. In addition, these villas are created with an appealing variety of sliding glass doors and windows to provide the magnificent vibe of being in sync with the outside as one of its stylish features.

The symmetry of these residences is enhanced by clean, straight lines. It has a traditional form and homes with sophisticated interiors that are excellent for open plan living.

Villas Master Plan

Smart Villas is another lavish project of Capital Smart City, located just 20 minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport. The Overseas and Executive Blocks of the smart society are where these sophisticated Villas are strategically placed.

Location of Smart Villas

Smart Villas are located in both the executive and international blocks of Capital Smart City, which is surrounded by Crystal Lake and an 18-hole golf signature course.

Harmony Park Block

Harmony Park Block CSC offers a variety of plot sizes in residential, commercial, and luxurious villas, ranging from 5 Marla to 1 and 2 Kanal plots, all with a three-year quarterly payment plan. Extra fees apply to plots that are classified.

  • Main Boulevard (100′ above) 15% Extra Charges
  • Main Road (41′ to 99′) 10% Extra Charges
  • Facing Park 10% Extra Charges
  • Corner 10% Extra Charges

Harmony Park Block Commercial Plots

The payment plan for Harmony Park Block is as follows,

Residential Plots in Harmony Park Block

In CSC’s current event, 3.5 Marla Residential Plots have been introduced at the most reasonable pricing. It provides investors with an equivalent opportunity to invest in the upcoming housing project. CSC has provided this chance so that potential buyers who were unable to participate previously due to the increased prices of properties offered can now become a part of CSC. Harmony Park, which opened recently, has the same amenities and development requirements as other societies, but its costs and sizes are far too affordable.

The 90 Sq. ft. residential 3.5 plots (dimensions 20 X 40) are located in the Harmony Park Block, near the CSC’s Executive Block.

Harmony Villas Apartments

Harmony Villas Apartments in the housing society have two types of villa apartments available:

  • 5 Marla 660 sq. ft. Villa Apartment with one bedroom.
  • 5 Marla 856 sq. ft. Apartment with two bedrooms.

These apartments are known as villa apartments because the structures’ outside construction mimics that of a villa. The ground level, first floor, and second floor will make up these apartment villas. Each structure will include two neighboring flats, for a total of six units per building. For your convenience, the floor plans for each of these villas are included below.

Harmony Park Block Villas

The introduction of these Villa Apartments is part of the housing scheme’s ambition to bring contemporary and smart living to the Harmony Park Block. These Villa Apartments provide you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of this cutting-edge housing development and live in luxury. Capital Smart City has pooled its resources and extensive experience to bring these novel residential solutions, named “The Villa Apartments,” to the market. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to join a modern metropolitan lifestyle at the most affordable pricing.

Harmony Block’s Location

The Harmony Park Block houses these Villa units. The Harmony Block is expected to be built next to the executive building, giving it the advantage of a good location and cutting-edge facilities. You may also look up the Harmony Block layout in The Harmony Park Block, a 3.5 Marla residential plot supplied by Capital Smart City.

The Villa Apartments Payment Plan

A four-year payment plan is available at the Harmony Park Villa Apartments in Capital Smart City. Bookings begin with a 10% down payment, followed by a 10% confirmation fee after 30 days, depending on your financial situation. The remaining balance is due in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments.

A 50% payment receives a 2.5 percent discount, while a full payment receives a 5% discount. Development fees are included in the price. Extra charges apply to the selection of category plots, including a 7.5 percent premium for a corner plot, a 5% premium for Park facing plots, and a 5% premium for Main Boulevard plots. With only a 25% down payment, you can choose the Villa site from the map.

These Villa Apartments and residential plots are only available in limited quantities and at amazing cheap prices for a limited time, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance and book your Villa/plot immediately.

Key Characteristics

The key characteristics of the housing society are as follows,

  • Smart lifestyle
  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Good air quality
  • Housing society that is environmentally friendly
  • Advanced Protection
  • Green belts
  • Smart street lights
  • Bus system in the metropolis
  • Electricity, water, gas
  • Traffic management system
  • Commercial hub
  • Traffic, weather, power smart apps.
  • Hotels
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports clubs
  • Cemetery
  • Infrastructure of the highest level
  • Petrol pumps and CNG Stations
  • Jogging and cycling tracks
  • Mosques
  • Parks
  • Lakes
  • Recreational spots
  • Golf Course with 18 Holes
  • Movenpick Hotels & Resorts 
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Close proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with a designated interchange from M-2.

Amenities Provided

The amenities provided by this brilliant housing scheme are mentioned below,

Public Safety Management

The smart society is using strategic planning, preparatory strategies, inter-agency cooperation, and budgetary management abilities for public safety management. It shall include the coordination and administration of resources that ensure the community’s safety and security.

Water Quality Management

The management considers water management and pollution control to be their most important responsibilities to the residents. Through water quality management, they shall use a range of scientific and non-scientific techniques and activities to maintain or improve water quality in accordance with water use requirements to protect the ecosystem.

Air Purity

The authorities will take steps to ensure that air purity is maintained for the sake of public health, plant and animal life preservation, property preservation, and visibility. They plan to do so by diluting air pollutants, which is a particularly effective way to reduce pollution. Plants and trees remove a large number of pollutants in the air.

As a result, they will plant trees, as this is the most effective technique of reducing the bad effects of air pollution. In fact, planting trees in areas with high pollution levels will be highly effective.

Smart Parking

The housing scheme shall implement the smart parking strategy. Smart Parking is a parking approach that integrates technology and human ingenuity to consume as minimal resources as reasonably practicable like fuel, time, and space—to accomplish faster, easier, and denser parking of automobiles for the majority of the time they are idle.

Smart Traffic Control

To reduce or eliminate fatalities, the smart society must assure that traffic is handled in a safe and effective way. Depending on the region, different types of traffic lights are being installed, such as two, three, or multiway traffic lights. If somehow the traffic lights malfunction, their traffic control team will be prepared to deploy panels that can be used to stop and go traffic.

Why Capital Smart City?

This project is an excellent investment opportunity for both buyers and investors. Its development quality, as well as its future prospects, suggest that future capital gains will be substantial.

The reasons to invest in the housing society are the many necessities, luxuries and recreation options within its confines. Let us discuss its major attractions that will make up your mind.

Crystal Lake

This is going to be the most beautiful place in the smart society, with shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, a dancing fountain, and even a floating hamlet. It shall be the smart society’s residential and commercial hub. The Crystal Lake is the neighborhood’s center point, while the surrounding area offers mixed-use real estate.

China Village

Near the Crystal Lake, China Village is also being created, including mostly commercial properties, shopping malls, and a variety of entertainment options for inhabitants.

BRT System

In addition to offering perfect living conditions, the society also provides a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that serves two major transportation routes. Furthermore, there are various bus and public transportation hubs with multiple connecting interchanges, all of which are well-maintained.

Top-Notch Facilities

This development, as a smart city, has certain unique qualities that differentiate it from the competition. These include automated traffic controls, automated basic utility supply, no power load shedding, CCTV monitoring with facial and object recognition, smart street lights, free Wi-Fi throughout the smart society, automated air conditioning control, and the provision of electric bikes for residents’ use.

Wide Property Range

While the smart society is still in the development stage, there are various sizes of residential and commercial property available. Residential plots of 5 and 10 Marla, as well as 1 and 2 Kanal, are available for purchase. Furthermore, commercial plots of 4, 6, 8, and 10 Marla are also available.

How to book your plot in Capital Smart City?

The following documents will be required to reserve your property in this smart society.

  • A duplicate of your CNIC
  • A copy of your next-of-kin’s (father/mother/brother/wife/sister) documents
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Amount of the reservation (check/pay order/cash)

Amusement Park by Freij International

An MOU between Freij Entertainment Int. and Capital Smart City Islamabad was signed on October 23rd, 2019, for the construction of an amusement park in the housing scheme. Freij Entertainment International is the world’s largest travelling entertainment firm, dealing in carnival rides, funfairs, and skillful games all over the world.

Mr. Freij El Zein, CEO of Freij Entertainment International, signed an agreement with Future Developments Holdings, the developers of CSC, to create many of Pakistan’s first amusement parks at the smart society.

Freij Entertainment International has agreed to build exciting entertainment parks in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, among other cities in Pakistan. In over 26 countries, Freij International has delivered the most stunning and practical world-class entertainment projects, completing them in record time of 2-3 months.

Mr. Imran Zahid, Chief Commercial Officer of CSC, stated that this might be a significant way of establishing much-needed recreational and entertainment facilities across Pakistan, as well as boosting the country’s economic growth.

These recreational parks have the potential to create jobs, enhance people’s lives, and contribute to regional economic stability. Foreign companies’ interest and involvement in Pakistan can help the country’s finances and open up new avenues for future investments and financial prospects.

This is a great effort that will assist to soften our image of the country, making it more inviting to tourists and the general public.

Development Status

By November 21st, 2019, Capital Smart City had purchased more than 5,570 Kanal of extension land near the Chakri Road and the River Sill. Capital Smart City’s management started work on its master plan, and this expansion area was added to the property.

The following are examples of significant development work seen at the CSC site.

  • Site-01 Access 2
  • Site-02 Main Roads R-1
  • Access 1 &2
  • Base work at junction access road two on Chakri Road
  • Horticulture Work
  • Site -2 & 3
  • Electrical work progress
  • Overseas Block 1 &2 area
  • Block A Plot cutting
  • Base and Electrical Work
  • Sub-base
  • Underground Earthwork
  • Excavation Work
  • Executive Block Progress Site-4
  • Roads and streets
  • Infrastructure work
  • Main Sewerage line
  • Overseas Block A- Lean Concrete
  • Site development in overseas prime Block
  • Overseas block developmental work
  • Plinth Beam Lean Concrete- Overseas Block- A
  • Rebar Fixing of Transom pier one at Access Bridge 2
  • Rebar Fixing Grider-16 Access Bridge 2
  • Formwork of Grider-14 at Access Bridge 2
  • Block- Overseas Block-C- Rebar Fixing for Bowl
  • Curb stones for Island at Junction Chakri Road Access -2
  • Access 1 Strom water Drain
  • Overseas Block B Construction of Smart School
  • Overseas Mosque


1st Balloting

The first CSC balloting was supposed to take place at the conclusion of November, but it was postponed owing to the unrest in Islamabad. On December 21st, 2019, the project site hosted its first e-Balloting, which was a success. Plot files with prepaid dues were included in the ballot.

The balloting was done for eligible plots in Executive Block 1 and Overseas Block 1 that had been reserved. The map of the aforementioned blocks was made available to selected investors ahead of time, and they were given the option of choosing their plot placement. Those who had reserved plots on the following sites were among these investors:

  • Upfront 100% Payment
  • Upfront 50%. Payment
  • Upfront 40%. Payment

Another alternative is for investors who were or still are willing to pick their own location and must pay an additional 40% in addition to their regular monthly payments.

The selection opportunity was closed on December 5th, 2019, which was the last day of the deal. The participants were also given the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Capital Smart City to finalize their plot.

Details on the Ballot

Following the plot selection, the other qualifying files were considered in the first ballot. On December 21st, a computerized ballot was used to assign numbers to residential and business plots in an exquisite ceremony held at Capital Smart City.

2nd Balloting

The smart society has declared that the its second balloting will take place this year, in 2021. However, no other details or eligibility criteria have been made public. It is only reasonable to presume that, like with the first ballot, plots having 50% cleared payment or more would be featured in this balloting. Visit the main website of Capital Smart City for more details on the balloting.

How to book your Plot at Capital Smart City


The most significant factor that affects a housing project is the owner’s and developer’s reputation. Because Habib Rafiq is one of Pakistan’s most well-known brands in the real estate market, investors have complete faith in the project. The majority of the society’s plots have previously been sold and are currently being resold at a profit.

Both the developments and the master plan appear to be quite promising, and they will help Capital Smart City become a very notable project. It will be a one-of-a-kind and comprehensive package for all members of society.


What is Capital Smart City?

Smart City is a cutting-edge new housing complex that incorporates cutting-edge technology, sophisticated construction, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

When do you think the interchange work will begin?

The FWO has approved the society’s authorized interchange from M-2, and the building is expected to begin in 2020.

Is it a legal society?

Capital Smart City is a completely legal and safe society. RDA has accepted its NOC, which you may check on the RDA’s official website.

When will society’s work on development begin?

The work on Main Boulevard is almost finished, and the construction of the mosque has begun, among other things.

What is the size of the CSC?

A total of 55,000 Kanal of land make up Capital Smart Society. Capital Smart City now spans 80,000 Kanal after the extension was approved in June 2020.

When will the plots be available for purchase from the housing society?

It has already proclaimed possession of several blocks, and they will continue to do so on a regular basis for the other blocks.

Is this a suitable place to invest in the short or long term?

It is a society worth spending in; it is a fantastic long-term as well as short-term investment opportunity.

If it is part of the Rawalpindi Development Authority, why is it termed the Capital Smart City Islamabad?

The layout of the smart city in Islamabad is currently being revised.

As a result, this society is included in the most recent plan because it is located near the M-2 to Thalian interchange, which is conveniently accessible from Islamabad.

 Do they have any commercial plots available?

There are commercial plots of 4, 6, and 8 Marla available.

Do they have any residential plots available?

There are residential plot sizes of 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.