Kingdom Valley is situated in the middle of a flurry of new civilizations. Located on Islamabad’s M2 Motorway, the society provides an ideal location away from the city’s commotion. Kingdom Group designed and built it. As part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, Prime Minister Imran Khan has partnered with Kingdom Valley. The Developers are working hard to ensure that the final product is the best for the end consumer.


Kingdom Group is the company behind Kingdom Valley. This eventually becomes a proud representation of Kingdom Valley. It’s one of the company’s most important projects. In the real estate market, Kingdom Valley is a well-known name. The organization has offered several property services. Marketing, Sales, Construction, Engineering, and Development are areas where Kingdom Valley excels. They are also known for their virtues and good reputation in the market.


The Pakistani government has granted Kingdom Valley’s No Objection Certificate or NOC. The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme has approved the NOC for this property. Kingdom Valley’s identification number is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. On the M2 Motorway, this is among the best and yet most inexpensive housing projects that the government has approved.


This community is noteworthy in Islamabad because of its location, which is an important component of its sales. The Chakri Interchange on Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2 is about a 7-kilometer drive from Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Five kilometers separate Bahria Town, DHA, and the New Airport on the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The distance from Islamabad’s Thalian junction to Lahore’s Motorway M-2 is 5 kilometers. Cadet College of Pakistan is at least a ten-minute drive away.

Nearby Notable locations of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

  • Located just beyond the city’s bustle, the Chakri Region provides people with a sense of security. If you lived there, you wouldn’t have to deal with traffic or rush hour.
  • It is close to the New Airport, located on the Main Motorway. Islamabad and Rawalpindi City are just a short drive away via the nearby motorway. The entire province of Punjab and the province of KPK are connected via this route. At Islamabad Interchange on the Motorway, Peshawar City is slightly over an hour and fifteen minutes from Peshawar.
  • Among the most attractive features of this area is its abundance of unspoiled natural beauty and lush vegetation, all of which is devoid of any pollution. Everyone can use it because it has a proper picture area.


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Master Plan

The state is now implementing the Kingdom Valley Islamabad grand plan. Accommodation in Kingdom Valley Islamabad has just been created and is rising quickly. Properties of 5, 10, 20, as well as 40 Marlas, are available with a three-year flexible payment plan through the massive project. About 15000 Kanal of the country’s total land area is devoted to social and economic progress. Both residential and commercial plots are available in Kingdom Valley, and the price is highly adjustable to accommodate any budget. In contrast to the Kingdom Valley Islamabad big plan, this project includes high-end infrastructure, theme parks, high-tech healthcare centres, and other aspects. Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s best qualities are strongly encouraged for investors to engage in this real estate residential project.

Payment Plan

The NPHS payment schedule aligns with the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan’s plot rates. Everyone can afford a luxurious lifestyle because the prices are kept as low as reasonably achievable. Kingdom Valley’s residential and business plots include luxury farms, housing plots, executive plots, business plots, and kingdom villas. Pay the remaining balance in installments over 48 months with a 10% down payment. Most importantly, only a ten percent deposit is required to reserve your plot. Expenses and fees may be modified from time to time, contingent on the current market conditions. The following is a list of plot sizes and property types:

Farmhouses Payment Plan

Residential Plots & Commercial Payment Plan

Overseas Executive Blocks Payment Plan

Payment Plan of Kingdom Villas


Residents of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have access to a wide range of services and amenities to ensure a peaceful and happy existence. It’s a wonderful place to live, with opulent facilities and world-class amenities to ensure that residents don’t have to be concern about a thing. It has all of the recent conveniences and accommodations at a reasonable price. As part of any modern, upscale community that can be defined as a full housing project, amenities are essential. The project’s architects and developers have prioritized parks and other open spaces. The following accommodations are readily available from this location.

Grand Mosque

Including spiritual obligations, the community will meet all residents’ needs. Developers are building a stunning mosque to fit this need. Architects and engineers have designed this mosque to be a cutting-edge example of modern architecture and innovation.

State of the Art Health facilities

The health care system has received special consideration from the creators. Developers plan to build hospitals and clinics for this reason. All staff & doctors will be on duty 24 hours a day at the emergency department.

Educational institution

To guarantee that children are educated following international norms. All faculty members will be experts in their fields to ensure that students receive the best possible education. Many locals value education, so the organization has set it apart a significant amount of land to build world-class academic institutions to meet this demand.

24/7 High-security framework

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is committed to making your life simpler and more comfortable by installing a security framework that contains CCTV surveillance. On all occasions, the cams will be on, and several people will be installed on the computer monitors to guarantee that nobody who is not authorized or verified enters. Using all of these security measures, the population is protected.

Theme Parks as well as a fitness club

Parks and rec areas are popular destinations for people who want to stay physically fit. A person’s health, as well as fitness, is an essential part of daily life. There are numerous parks and gymnasiums in the area. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible for those who take care of themselves. Taking a morning walk in the company of others will enhance the beauty of your life. Children can get some exercise by playing in the park. In their youth, they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Water, Gas, and Electricity

The source of power, water, and gas will be prioritized in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and all areas of society will be delivered 24 hours a day. The availability of groundwater in Kingdom Valley Islamabad sets it apart from the rest of the community because of its resources.

System of Sewage and Drainage

Sewerage problems are a major factor in the emergence of many environmental problems. However, Kingdom Valley Islamabad could use several wonderful tubes to create a subsurface sewerage system. With Kingdom Valley Islamabad, you won’t have to worry about polluted water on the street anymore.

Filtered Water

The accessibility of pure and filtrated water is among the most essential and mandatory considerations when acquiring any industrial or housing property. For Kingdom Valley Islamabad, the founders chose a location capable of generating its natural water supply. This water can be used for everything from cleaning to washing to consumption.

Communal Hub

Residents who wish to maintain social ties will find solace in community centres. They can join a variety of social & community organizations. Residents will be able to form friendships due to these community facilities to make certain that educators at the Kingdom Valley Islamabad academic institution receive a world-class education. Teachers will be highly skilled and well-trained to provide the best education possible.

Pros & Cons


  • NOC has been approved
  • It is a 4-year payment plan.
  • The location is freely reachable from Chakri, a close Kurtaba community ideal place.
  • Only one national-level project associated with the Pakistan Housing Authority
  • Low-cost housing projects are currently underway in Pakistan’s capital cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Streamlined payment options.


  • The profit margins of low-cost housing societies will be lower than those of more expensive ones.

Why Engage in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

In Pakistan’s capital city, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, anybody of any financial status can consider buying a home plot, making it an excellent investment. Regarding protecting one’s money and assets, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the best option for most Pakistanis. Furthermore, a modern lifestyle that is also cost-effective is a luxury package.

This housing complex offers a reasonably priced plot with a funding repayment schedule in multiple monthly installments to make the investment more cost-effective. According to my estimation, it is a substantial and advantageous investment strategy in light of the recent urbanization development shift. Additionally, the residential project’s location is beneficial, as it is near several other capital city’s most major landmarks. Investors must protect their land from getting the vast majority out of their money.

Potential Returns on Kingdom Valley Investments

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a prime chance for financing in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The Prime Minister Scheme of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program makes this society a safe bet for investment. Kingdom Valley Islamabad has already been given the National Ownership Certificate (NOC) green light. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s placement in Pakistan’s capital city is suitable, as it is close to several notable landmarks. Islamabad’s best housing society for households and investment is an excellent investment possibility. Investors can also make money here by renting out their property and collecting a monthly rental income. In Kingdom Valley, Islamabad, inhabitants and investors trust the builders because they recognize their plan to purchase here to be one of the best they’ve ever made in their lives.

At Kingdom Valley Islamabad, residents will find all the conveniences they need for a peaceful and comfortable existence. Occupants of Kingdom Valley Islamabad will not have to worry about anything because of the world-class amenities and international-standard luxuries. People will be able to enjoy a life of extreme comfort and luxury thanks to this project’s innovative features. Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s advancement has already begun and is proceeding rapidly. A price increase of nearly twice the original value is anticipated for residential and business when this residential society is completed and construction begins. In light of these variables, the project may prove to be an excellent investment that pays off in a big way.

Development Progress

There are all of the anticipated amenities and comforts in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, along with a Grand Mosque, theme parks, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, schools, and specialized fitness centers in the well-planned social amenities of the area. With a small selection of plots accessible at pre-launch costs, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the beginning of a more pleasant lifestyle.

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Inhabitants of Kingdom Valley can enjoy a stress-free existence with all the modern comforts and amenities the community offers. It’s a fantastic housing society with world-class amenities, so residents in Kingdom Valley never have to worry about anything. The imaginative elements are included in this project so that people can enjoy the luxuries and extravagances of the world.